With our “Global Operational Capabilities” and “Professional Skills,” Sumisho Interior International aims to ensure that we offer the best possible value to our customers.

Company Concept

Sumisho Interior International aims to ensure that our team of professionals offers the best combinations of quality materials brought together from within Japan and from abroad by making the most of our global operational capabilities. We are the editors who create interior with originality. We compile every single element of interior creation, whether it is material, human related, skill based or a performance, into the best possible combination for the best possible result, as if we were “editing” our customer’s lifestyle. Hence our company philosophy: Be a “Lifestyle editor.” We provide our customers the best stage possible.

Corporate Data

Company Name
Harumi Island Triton Square, Office Tower W 16th Floor
1-8-8 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0053
TEL:+81-3-6894-8900 (main number)
President and Representative Director
Naoki Hisano
October 25th, 1988
100 million yen
Sumitomo Building Management Corporation, 100%(Sumitomo Corporation Group, 100%)
Board of Directors
President and Representative Director Naoki Hisano
Director Hideyo Toki
Director Tatsuyuki Yamamoto
Director Akihisa Yamada
Director Yukinari Shiraishi
Director Manabu Hamamoto
Director Koji Yanagi
Operating officer Yuki Takagi
Number of Employees
67 (as of Apr 2018)
Business Activities
Interior work including design, planning, procurement, construction, furniture, carpets and fabrics
Importing and selling products
Licenses, Permissions
Construction License Tokyo Governor Permission (Han-28) No. 137346
ISO14001 JQA-EM0451


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